Life is for…living and enjoying

happy lady

Are you ready to…
let go of anxiety and set yourself free to enjoy your life?
allow yourself experience the calm and easy living that you know in your heart is available to you?
show yourself, and your loved ones, that you can live your life without anxiety wearing you down?

Is Anxiety ruining your enjoyment of life? 

Does this sound like you…….?

thoughts racing through your mind
difficulty concentrating
feeling sweaty
excessive worry
heart palpitations
sleepless nights
feeling out of control
uncomfortable in the company of others
difficulty socialising

Does anxiety dictate what you can and cannot do?

Does it dictate how you feel and act when you know you ‘should’ be able to enjoy life?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!


Now… Think about how you would take care of a baby or a young child. You would want the best for them. You’d nurture them and make sure that they were safe, happy and thriving. You would reassure them and tell them that they are a gift in this world in which they live.

But sometimes you forget to do the same for yourself. Perhaps it’s because you’ve forgotten how wonderful you are!Sleeping baby

Nurture your inner child. Be gentle with yourself.

You don’t have to settle for less in your life.

Imagine if …
You could feel freer in yourself to enjoy life
Self-doubt and indecision no longer ruled your life
You could be yourself and not worry about other people’s opinions
You no longer allowed anyone or anything knock your confidence

All this and more is possible for you.

Let “Anxious” you become….“Amazing” you.

In my expertly designed course you get to…..

  • learn and practice letting go of your anxiety.
  • discover how easy it is to relax your body and mind and be yourself.
  • use mind coaching to prepare for a happy and positive future ahead.

Mind coaching helps you to map your way from… “anxious you to amazing you”… so that you get to live your life feeling relaxed, calm and confident.

Relax at home with your online course

Relaxing at home

An added bonus for the future you…

You get to access the course content anytime you wish, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Invest in your future today…. because your loved ones will also benefit from the new, happier and more relaxed you. And that’s another brilliant added bonus for you!

How will you know if I can really help you?

My background comes from parenting and teaching. I’ve always been supporting, nurturing and coaching young children and teenagers to grow and improve their lives. These skills combined with my qualifications will help you to overcome your anxiety. You will learn to relax and connect with your inner happiness. You will learn techniques to ground and centre yourself. With my gentle encouragement and guided training you can easily and confidently release negative thoughts and feelings to reconnect with your inner calm. Over the years, I also studied holistic psychotherapy, mind coaching and hypnotherapy. These added skills and techniques like NLP and CBT will help to ensure a positive outcome for your wellbeing with a positive knock-on effect for your loved ones too.

Helen Doyle Mind Coach Helen Doyle Mind Coach

But you needn’t just take my word for it… Here are some words from my lovely clients.


I can not recommend Helen and her service enough. The progress I have made since I began working with her is amazing. She is so kind, patient and understanding. I felt very comfortable working with Helen and can not wait to work with her in the future. She starts with a free discovery call so you can see if you would like to work with her before you even hand out any money! If you struggle with anxiety or are feeling lost and unsure then get in touch with this lovely lady and I guarantee you, you will feel a million times better. I certainly do! –Charley Maloney

I highly recommend Helen’s Anxiety Release Therapy. Working with Helen was a wonderful experience. Not only is she an excellent Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist, she’s also intuitive, kind and a good listener, she draws on her own life experience to help you. Helen instantly made me feel comfortable and secure at my sessions and helped me identify the changes I need to make to release my anxiety and restore inner calm. The meditation is beautiful and relaxing. I’m now sleeping better and am confident whatever happens I have my Anchor and everything is okay. Huge gratitude Helen – Nuala Lavelle

Here’s what you get when you invest in my course.

All the slides and MP3 meditations to help you continue relaxed and calm into your future.
Access to a free monthly meeting, to encourage and support you as you progress forward in your life.
The energy and the headspace you’ll regain from doing this course are truly priceless.
This new “Amazing You” will have a positive effect on all your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?
Introductory offer of €50


This course is priced at €50 as a special Introductory offer. Price will be increasing in 2022.

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