About the Stress response

Anxiety is actually there to help us but it doesn’t always feel like that. Often it is more like a never ending stress response in your body. Under normal circumstances a stress response prepares you for flight, fight or freeze to survive a difficult situation. It is a specific inbuilt design within our body system intended to help us to . Your body goes into red alert e.g. to help save you from the ‘Lion’ who is about to attack. You may decide to run in flight, to stay and fight or to freeze and hide until the threat has passed. In times of fear/stress your body sends out stress hormones to flood your bloodstream with the energy burst you need to defend yourself. Once the danger has passed your body returns to normal and the calm and ease of living is restored.

Symptoms of anxiety

However, with anxiety there is no real danger or threat to your life. You logically know and understand that, but yet, your body experiences the physical symptoms of flight, fight or freeze to survive. Those red alert symptoms include your heart pounding in your chest, difficulty breathing – hyperventilating, a dry mouth, sweaty hands, pains in your stomach with frequent trips to the loo. You may feel light headed or dizzy, have poor concentrating, difficulty interacting socially and your sleep and appetite may also be affected. With anxiety these symptoms are more ongoing and they place a major pressure on the body functions. This leaves the body struggling to recover its normal calm state of being. The effects leave the body feeling physically exhausted and mentally confused as to what is really happening and why.

How anxiety can impact your emotional wellness

Anxiety can also impact your self esteem and confidence and this may cause you to feel socially awkward, irritable and more easily annoyed. The mind goes into overdrive and you find yourself ruminating and over thinking as you begin to question your own self-worth, your values, and your abilities.
You know you are not in any danger, yet your body is acting out as though it is and you are struggling to understand what is happening to you.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

How to overcome your anxiety

There is a simple, effective way to release those negative, uncomfortable feelings and anchor your inner calm, happy self again.
The Good News is…. Anxiety Release Therapy – A.R.T. 3 step programme.

On completing 3 sessions you will learn to:
1. Anchor your presence in the now, using your breath and mindfulness exercises.
2. Release the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours associated with anxiety.
3. Think with clarity – envision a happier future for you to live and enjoy your life.

With my Anxiety Release Therapy, in 3 short sessions, you can learn the A.R.T. of being yourself. You learn to Anchor your Relaxed Thinking deep into your mind. Then your mind can really work for you. Your mind can deliver the real result you want of being happy and calm as you live your life.

That really is the A.R.T. of you …being YOU.

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with anxiety then get in touch with me.

You can contact me here to book a free consultation. It always helps to chat.

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