Mindcoaching is the ‘Iron’ answer to Anxiety


The other day I was busy at home. It was my day to do the housekeeping and having got through the dusting, the hovering, and the laundry, I eventually started on the ironing. The ironing is one of those things that builds up, and up and up. You know it’s there, you can actually feel it looming in the corner of the room as it waits for you to deal with it.
But the time comes when you just cannot bear it there any longer. You just have to deal with that pile of jumbled and crumpled clothing that lingers in your… ‘leave it there for now’.. space. And so, the process begins. The ironing board is assembled in a convenient area and the iron is filled with water and plugged to the electric supply to heat up. And finally the bundle of ironing is hauled out from that corner and you are ready to begin.

As the blouses and shirts are being ironed, there is a great sense of satisfaction. As the hot iron glides over each piece of clothing the item is transformed. It is renewed, refreshed, and returned to its former glory. On holding up the finished, freshly ironed garment, it feels so satisfying to place that blouse back on the hanger again, knowing it is ready to help you to take on the world again.

Anxiety can linger and taunt you

As I continued with my ironing, those crumpled and creased clothes in the corner of my room, reminded me of anxiety. Anxiety lurks in the corners of your mind. Like the ironing, you know that the anxiety is there, but you would rather not have to look at it, or you would rather not have to deal with it. You find yourself wishing that it would just go away. But again, like the ironing, anxiety does not go away. It lingers there and taunts you and makes you feel like you are not good enough because your life and your world is not perfect. Anxiety is there reminding you that your life is not all ironed out and smooth and perfect!

So what can you do about your anxiety?

Well, in the same way as you ‘attacked’ the ironing, you can take control of your anxiety and get that sorted out too. Isn’t that exciting?

But first, let me ask you a question. When you were young, did you do the ironing yourself? No, I’m guessing you were too young to handle a hot steaming object and tricky adjustments on things all by your little self. So, did you watch an adult do the ironing, while you asked questions, and practised on small items of clothing to learn the skills involved? I can remember wanting to help with the ironing when I was young because it seemed such a grown up activity and I was given socks to practise on!!!

So when it comes to anxiety, from whom, did you learn the skills needed, in order to smooth out your anxious thoughts? Who did you ask questions of, with regard to anxiety? And how did you get to practise the necessary skills of releasing the tension and mental overthinking that accompanies anxiety.

Chances are, you were never taught the skills to ‘iron out your thinking,’ so that you could get your mindset organised, hanging back up, and ready for you to take on the world again.

Mindcoaching can help you to control your thoughts

Mind Coaching is a lot like doing the ironing. It is a skill that you can learn and practise and use whenever you have thoughts to straighten out to get them smooth and free flowing again. And so, like the ironing, the overthinking and anxious thoughts eventually need to be addressed. There are steps to be taken. You set up the plan of action to undertake the necessary work.

For anxiety release therapy, that means sitting down with your steam-iron… which in this case is your therapist… and you bring along your bundle of lurking anxiety and negative thinking with you. The magic begins from the moment you decide that those crumpled and creased thoughts are going to get straightened out again in your life. Undertaking the work of mind coaching, is again like ironing, it is extremely rewarding and satisfying. The sense of achievement of bringing your mind back to the best version of yourself is something to be proud of. You feel elevated and energised, and you are ready to showcase your brilliance to the world with a fresh and vibrant outlook.

Through mind coaching you get to be present to learn the skills required to help you in your own life. You get to ask the questions and you get the answers that will help you. You will get opportunities to practise your newly learnt skills in a safe and encouraging space. During your mind coaching sessions you will work on straightening out those limiting beliefs and negative mindsets that have creased your life up to now. In the same way as you learnt to become the ‘Ironing Lady or the Ironing Lad’ you will learn to become a ‘Mindcoach Maiden’ or ‘Mindcoach Man’!
And then you can honestly say that you are really all grown up. You have the skills and tools to hand, to deal with any situation that comes your way. Pamela Hickson Advisory

Mindcoaching is your stay cool and calm approach to life

However, unlike the ironing, which requires a hot and steamy approach to getting your clothes refreshed, Mind Coaching uses the stay cool and calm approach, because that is what works best for your mind, for your thoughts and for you.

No more anxiety and overthinking for you from now on. Once you learn to become a Mindset Maiden/Man you are in complete control of your thinking and decision making and you have the power to use your mind coaching tools if you encounter a bundle of thoughts which need smoothing out. And like the ironing, use your mind coaching skills regularly. Maybe do it at a particular time, every day or every week, so that the thoughts don’t build up in the corner of your mind. But even if that bundle of thoughts ever did build up on you again, just like the ironing, you are fully equipped and practised to ‘de-crease’ them whenever you choose.

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