Recently, a lovely lady I know had to attend hospital to have minor surgery. As the week progressed, in the lead up to this appointment, I could sense that she was anxious about it. It’s natural to be apprehensive about any kind of surgery isn’t it? She began to complain and said that she wasn’t feeling well. Her appetite wasn’t great. She was irritable with others in the family and with friends. She could cry for no reason and she got upset over little things. She was picking at her nails and avoided talking about herself. Watching TV and using her mobile phone became a distraction to help her not think about the upcoming appointment.

“Feel the fear, and do it anyway.”

When you know there is something you must do, but you would rather not have to deal with it, it’s really not a nice feeling. It was one of those times, and it reminded me of the title of the book by Susan Jeffers… “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. She had to be strong and follow through with her necessary appointment.

Can’t you really feel for her in this situation? These are all symptoms of anxiety. The mind is busy trying to process the fear of the upcoming surgery and the body reacts with the symptoms of anxiety. Body and mind are not separate entities. They are doing their best to support one another and work together!! It might not always feel like it though!!

Symptoms of a panic attack

So, after the surgery took place, the shock to the body displayed itself as a panic attack. This resulted in crying, shallow breathing, feeling weak and queasy, severe pain and heavy bleeding. So much so, that the doctors were rather concerned with the amount of blood loss.

The mind endeavoured to assist and did so by allowing the body to release the stress in the form of tears. While no one likes the red puffy eyes and runny nose feeling, it is in truth, a brilliant safe release mechanism, although it is not always appreciated as such at the time!

Mind Coaching can help restore your well-being

relaxed and calm

What I find wonderful in a situation like this, is that mind coaching can bring the body and mind into working harmony again and it helps you to focus on well-being and comfort and healing. That in turn has an amazing effect.

You see I was called in, to sit with her while the medical staff observed and monitored her progress. I spoke directly to her to engage her mind in a supportive way that would assist her body’s own healing power. The truth is, the mind really wants to help, but if it is unsure how to do that, then it will not be very effective. In fact, it could even work against the desired result.

Once the mind is coached to see the best outcome it can really begin to help. Getting the mind to feel the improvements necessary for healing, helps the person to relax, and then the body functions better in a stress-free environment. Very quickly it became easier for this lady to breathe more calmly. Soon she could actually hear the words and positive messages from the doctors and staff as they note the “improved colour” or as they stated, “that looks better”. She could sense their positive encouragement as they smiled at her with reassurance. My job was to keep her mind focussed on healing, comfort, and well-being. Her mind followed the cues more easily, and then, her body immediately followed that lead.

Not just a quick fix…. get long lasting benefits

Soon after that, I’m happy to say, we left the hospital behind us, and we happily headed for home. On reaching her home all pain was gone, the bleeding had stopped, and the anxiety was replaced with relief and happiness and a sense of pride on having completed this ‘necessary’ ordeal. Since returning home very little pain relief treatment has been necessary. Of course, it is available should a little help be needed.

Loving life

This is a real-life story to impress upon you that your mind can help your body in many, many ways.  Bringing the mind into a calmer framework of reference is the cue to releasing anxiety, to calming a panic attack, to helping with pain relief, and to enhancing your well-being.

In a situation where a person is experiencing a panic attack, then the use of breathing techniques, talking to the stressed body part to reassure it, and helping the mind to relax, are all powerfully effective tools in the calming and healing process.

Please note, the circumstances relating to this story have been altered to protect the identity of the lady and she has also given consent to this message being aired in a way that could be of help to someone else.

Step into your power

Do not let your mind run away with itself!! If left unchecked, it will conjure up all kinds of weird situations. Instead, take control of the outcome that you want for yourself and step into your power.

Mind coaching will help you control your thoughts and programme in your desired outcome.

It’s like planting seeds in the garden of your mind, so that you can grow your preferred flowers, which are the beautiful moments in your life.Awesome flower

I can teach you how to do just that….. Use the power of your mind for your well-being and happiness.

If you would like to learn the skills of Mind coaching, to use it in your own daily life, contact me for a free discovery call.

Helen Doyle Mind Coach   Helen Doyle Mind Coach

As a therapist, a teacher and a parent, it has been my lifelong passion to help people learn the skills they need to deal with anxiety and stress. Your precious life is deserving of happiness and inner peace and I can empower you with the skills to accomplish that.

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