At this time of the year, I remember my late sister and Mum as their anniversaries are getting closer. Perhaps that’s why I woke this morning with a beautiful memory of the two of them in my mind. I’d like to share that memory with you as it has a very profound and practical message for all us.

I woke up with this image of my Mum, my sister and I, sitting at our kitchen table having a cup of tea and we were chatting away together. My sister was telling us about an idea she had about some upcoming event in her life and she used the phrase…. ”I was half thinking”……. of doing whatever she was talking about. My Mum began to laugh and replied… “Half thinking!!! … Maybe you should just make your mind up!”. So we all laughed at this idea of “Half thinking” and we just chatted away and carried on with our cup of tea….. As you do!

Are we all “Half thinking” our lives away?

Then today, many years later, on waking this morning, those words rang out loud and clear again in my mind. I could actually hear them being spoken. But this time I didn’t laugh…. I felt a lightbulb go off inside my head as I heard those words…. ”Half thinking”…. And…. “Maybe you should just make your mind up” It got me thinking that all of us have issues that we are “Half thinking” about but then nothing really happens!!!

Are you putting up with issues that you would like to improve?

How many of us go around wanting to make a change or an improvement in our lives? But really we are only “Half thinking” about it. We put up with stress and anxiety and would love to be free from it but we don’t make our mind up to have a calmer and more relaxed life. We would often like to feel more confident but we keep doing the same things and avoid stretching ourselves because we haven’t committed to being more confident. I’ve even met people who would like to lose weight or give up cigarettes but it’s stopped there…. at the would like to stage. I guess they are only at the “Half thinking” about it stage!!

Whatever the issue that affects you, you will continue to struggle with it until you make up your mind and fully commit to bringing all your thoughts into alignment to get it sorted. You know like… Maybe you should “make your mind up”

How to move from “Half thinking” to “Making your mind up”?

It happens for you when you just decide to do it…. What if you decide today that anxiety and stress are no longer welcome in your life! Imagine the calm, relaxed, comfortable version of yourself that would step into your home and your workplace. Or suppose you wanted to feel more confident and you decide today to step into your confidence and be the very best version of yourself. Perhaps you want to lose weight or stop smoking and you decide today to do it and live your life feeling healthier, fitter and happier. It could be that you are dealing with an allergy/rash, or high blood pressure or maybe you are coping with severe pain and today you decide to focus on your wellness to help ease your symptoms.

All you must do is decide that you want a better outcome for you and your life. You shift your thoughts from  “half thinking about it “ and instead, you “make your mind up”.

Is there an easy way to get to “make your mind up”?

This is why I heard those words so strongly in my mind this morning and now I’ll let you into a secret ….. You can make the change that you desire in your mind very easily using hypnotherapy and mind coaching. I can help you through hypnotherapy and mind coaching to make that shift in your mind. I can help you to move from the “Half thinking” stage… to the “Make your mind up, action taking stage. And here’s the bit I love…It is so easy, efficient and time effective.

You’ve probably spent years up to now coping with your stress and anxiety, or dealing with bad and expensive habits like smoking, or struggling with weight and other health issues…. A lot of time gone by, just coping and dealing with issues. A lot of time “Half thinking” you’d do something to help yourself!! Decide today… “Make your mind up” to make that change to help you get a better quality of life for you. Hypnotherapy and Mind coaching can help bring all of your mind into the outcome that you wish to achieve for you. In a few sessions, spread over a month or two (a very short time frame, compared to all those years spent struggling) you can “make your mind up” and achieve your goals. How lucky are we to have such a service available us to use for our wellbeing and development?

Because when you “make your mind up” … You become a positive driving force and change happens before your very eyes.

For Your Information…

In case you are not familiar with Hypnotherapy and Mindcoaching and you think it is going to take over your mind, or make you act weirdly, or you have a fear about it because you have not experienced it before, then let me reassure you…

Hypnotherapy is a very gentle process. We begin with a chat where you tell me what you would like to improve in your life. Then together, we choose the best words that you would like to hear during the session. The hypnosis itself is like a guided meditation session where I gently speak your chosen words to your subconscious mind. Clients feel so rested, relaxed and refreshed after the session and having experienced their first session, and how gentle it is, they look forward to their next appointment.

Mind Coaching gives you a structured plan to help you achieve your bigger goals. It helps you to break down your big goal into manageable steps and programmes the mind to take each step as the need arises. With guidance, you get to figure out what steps will help you and also suit you to move forward in your life.

Do one thing…..”Make your mind up!”

So those words which came into my mind this morning…are true words of wisdom. I felt compelled to share this understanding with you. It’s important that you know this. Your life is valuable, and you deserve to know that you can live your best life by doing just one thing…. “make your mind up” 

It’s your life. Don’t waste your time putting up with stresses and strains that wear you out and make you feel miserable and out of control. No more of this “Half thinking” about things. Do it today… “Make you mind up,” to make the necessary change which will help you to have your best life ever. If you need help to get your mind to come on board then give me a call and I’ll be delighted to help you.

Helen Doyle Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

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